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What Is The Safe Zone?

Amaliah supports the establishment of a Safe Zone in a designated territory in Southern Syria, along the Israeli border, where over one million Syrians used to reside. A Safe Zone makes it possible to provide relief to those in need inside Syria, so they will not be forced to flee as refugees.  


Ultimately, our objective is to create a stabilized environment that will catalyze the rebuilding of Syrian civil society, and pave the way for friendly and supportive relations with Syria’s neighbors.

 Interactive Map of the Syrian War

For the #SafeZone area look for the green FSA on the Israeli-Jordanian border 

The Israeli Golan Heights 

The Israeli Golan Heights is an area of land which borders Syria today which has been under Israeli control for 40 years and is currently home to an estimated 20,000 Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs and Druze. 

Across the border, the Syrian Golan Heights is home to Muslim, Christian and Druze Arabs, as well as to Circassians. The Syrian Golan Heights has been subjected to civil war and fighting between the Syrian regime and rebel fighters. The Safe Zone is a designated area controlled by the FSA within the Syrian Golan Heights.

Quneitra Crossing 

Quneitra is a town in Southern Syria which has been the battleground of many clashes throughout the years. Today it is controlled by the Free Syrian Army and serves as a border crossing post between the Israeli and Syrian Golan Heights.

In Arabic, Quneitra means "little bridge." Amaliah hopes to turn this little bridge into a big bridge, bringing food, medicines and hope to those on the Syrian side of the border.

United Nations

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) was deployed in 1974 to ensure that the Agreement on Disengagement between Israel and Syria was observed following the 1973 war. The UN Force continues to implement its duty of ensuring there is no military engagement between Israel and Syria and has done so with the support of both sides. Its mandate has been renewed every six months since 1974. There are currently about 1000 personnel deployed in the UNDOF. UNDOF's presence contributes to the viability of a safe zone. 

The 17 Villages

Beyond Quinetra in the Syrian Golan Heights there are 17 villages made up of Muslims, Druze and Christians. Some of the more eastern villages have been on the front lines of the civil war and have suffered from shortages of food, medicine and basic supplies. An expanded safe zone would include these villages and encompass an estimated 200,000 people.