Tikkun Olam is a concept in Judaism that means "repair of the world" and urges everyone to act in a benign and charitable fashion.


For five years Moti Kahana has been practicing Tikkun Olam in Syria, providing humanitarian aid to Syrian war refugees, rescuing the remaining Jews, and saving valuable religious artifacts of Jewish life.


Moti has invested millions of dollars and has put everything on the line to reach out to those in Syria and beyond who can provide aid in different forms to desperate people. Using humanitarian diplomacy, he has  connected with many important players in the regional conflict, encouraging collaboration and peace.

Moti's exploits have been publicized in the media across the world and include The Times of Israel, The Jewish Chronicle, NPR, YNet News, Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Tablet magazine, The Washington Beacon, and many others.


Now you have a chance to join with Moti and his team to make a real difference in the lives of Syrian war refugees and others who have ben impacted by a brutal civil war.

Israeli-American businessman Moti Kahana (center, in green ball cap), looks at documents with members of the Halabi family, the last Jews of Aleppo, whom he had transported out of Syria to Turkey. Photo: Amaliah Organization



There is an immediate need for a safe zone in Southern Syria, where civil society can be restored. This is possible because there is a UN presence and Israelis just across the border at the Golan Heights who are ready and willing to help.  We will use humanitarian diplomacy with our contacts in the region and elsewhere to try to return at least this part of Syria to a more civilized existence.


Dr. Nir T. Boms


Dr. Boms is a research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University and at the International Center for Counter Terrorism in Hertzliya.  He is a member of the board of the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in Schools and the Co-Founder of CyberDissidents.org, a network of bloggers from the Middle East that focuses on freedom of expression and the promotion of dialogue in the region. Prior to his return to Israel in 2004, he served as the Vice President of the Washington based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD).

Dr. Alon Liel


Alon Liel is the former Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Israel-Syria Peace Society, and an International Relations lecturer at Tel AvivUNIVERSITY AND the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. Dr. Liel held numerous positions in the Foreign Ministry, including the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, Consul General in Atlanta, Foreign Ministry Spokesman, and Charge D'affairs of Israel in Turkey. Between 1994 to 1996, he served as the Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, and between 2002 -2006 as the Chairman of the Israel-Turkey Business Council. Dr. Liel is owner and chairman of the consulting company Global Code Ltd., which focuses mainly on initiating and accompanying projects in Turkey. Dr. Liel is also the Chairman of the Board of the Herzilya Gymnasium. In addition, he is a member of the board of several civil society organizations, which promote peace and equality. Dr. Liel has published severalBOOKS, including: Demo Islam, Islamic Democracy in Turkey, Turkish-Israeli Relations 1949-2010, and The Equalizer - South Africa is Building a Nation.

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Moti Kahana


Moti Kahana is an American-Israeli businessman who has been providing humanitarian relief for the people of Syria and is the founder of Amaliah. He not only has given generously of his own money and time in providing relief for Syrians but also in rescuing Jewish artifacts that are in danger of  destruction. Moti's role is to continue his efforts in humanitarian diplomacy as well as promote and fund the Safe Zone.

Dr Kamal-Al-Labwani

Ambassador of goodwill - Israel

Dr Kamal-Al-Labwani is a prominent member of the Syrian opposition who was released from prison in 2011. He now works as a humanitarian diplomat,  focusing on humanitarian needs rather than politics. Dr. Al-Labwani has praised Israeli hospitals and staff for helping Syrian refugees in need. His role on the Amaliah team is to continue humanitarian diplomacy and create relationships and engagement that foster Amaliah's goal of providing humanitarian aid to the people of Syria.

Howard J. Rankin PhD

Content Consultant

Howard J. Rankin PhD is a former psychologist with a strong background in cognitive neuroscience and the treatment of trauma. He now is a full time writer and has written 10 books in his own name and co- or ghostwritten more than 20 others, including Blossom: Confessions of a Child of War  and a forthcoming book about Moti Kahana, Looking for God -- In Syria.  Howard's role is to promote the work of Amaliah  and inform efforts to treat the children of war.

Lev Gal Wertman

Digital Strategy & Technologies Consultant

After many years working in the content industry, Gal has developed expertise in creating effective content distribution channels to large audiences for web, print and mobile. He has also gained vast experience in managing and executing all aspects of digital transformation.Three years ago Gal founded Textrayz, now a fully-functional live platform, used mainly for educational purposes. Before Textrayz, Gal worked in Ha'aretz media group, where he was one of the team leaders that successfully transformed the company from a Print-based to a Digital-based organization.

Ghost #1

Abu-Ali is a former sports champion who lives in Europe. He was one of the pioneers of the safe zone concept and still has family living within the proposed safe zone area. Abu-Ali's role is that of humanitarian ambassador to the E.U.

Ghost #2

Abu-Rashad is a journalist inside the safe zone. He is our guy inside, organizing the logistics  of the delivery of supplies to those within the safe zone.

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