We are US  non-profit organization with a mission to promote  

civil society within Middle East

Step 1
Purchasing of 
humanitarian supplies 
from local Israeli producers
Step 2
Delivery of humanitarian supply 
to IDF 
Step 3
delivery of humanitarian supply 
to FSA 
Step 4
delivery of humanitarian supply 
to civilian population

There is an immediate need for a safe zone in Southern Syria, where civil society can be restored. This is possible because there is a UN presence and Israelis just across the border at the Golan Heights who are ready and willing to help. We will use humanitarian diplomacy with our contacts in the region and elsewhere to try to return at least this part of Syria to a more civilized existence.

The Israeli Golan Heights 

The Quneitra The Israeli Golan Heights are part of the legacy of the 1973 war in which Israel occupied the land along their border with Syria. It has been under Israeli control and is home to not just Israeli settlements but also to Druze and other Syrians like Alawites. The Israeli Golan Heights are mostly agricultural and it is from these farms that we will provide necessary food supplies for Syrians within the safe zone. There are about 20,000 people living in 32 settlements in the Israeli Golan Heights. This area also has numerous archeological sites including 62 ancient synagogues that date back to Roman times.

Quneitra Crossing 

Quinetra was the largest Syrian town of about 27,000 in the area in the late 1960s. It was occupied by Israel during the 1967 war and again after the 1973 conflict but was handed back to Syria a few months later. It now serves as a border post between the Israeli and Syrian Golan Heights. Quinetra stands 3300 feet above sea level and in Arabic the name means "little bridge." We are hoping that we can turn this little bridge into a big bridge bringing food, medicines and hope to those on the Syrian side of the border.

United Nations

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) was deployed in 1974 to ensure that the Agreement on Disengagement between Israel and Syria was observed following the 1973 war. The UN Force continues to implement its duty of ensuring there is no military engagement between Israel and Syria and has done so with the support of both sides. Its mandate has been renewed every six months since 1974. There are currently about 1000 personnel deployed in the UNDOF.

The 17

TBeyond Quinetra in the Syrian Golan Heights there are 17 villages. They are mostly Muslim but there are also Druze and Christian enclaves. Some of the more eastern villages have been on the front lines of the civil war and the situation for some of these people is precarious, with shortages of food, medicines and basic supplies. An expanded safe zone that would include these villages would encompass about 200,000 people.

Jewish Torah Scrolls & Geniza

We have been rescuing Jewish people and valuable artifacts like Torahs from Syria for the past five years. We are currently continuing our work to preserve these ancient artifacts by bringing them to the United States for safe keeping. One day, it will be safe to return these testaments to the Jewish faith and the Jewish people back into a Syria free of war.


IMMEDIATE AID REQUIRED!! There are 300 families in this area who are in a desperate state and on the brink of starvation. For just $30 you can feed one of these families for a month! Yes, for just $1 a day, you could save a family.

Medical Supplies

The QuneitraCrossing (Arabic: Reliable medical care is an essential part of a civil society. Medical care and facilities are in short supply in Syria and where it is practical casualties and those in need are treated at nearby Israeli hospitals. However, the Syrians need their own reliable and local system of care and if facilities like field hospitals and other medical care were available, they would provide much needed relief. With your help we can provide these facilities and medical care.


Empowering Women

 At Amaliah we view a world where all women - even in the most isolated areas of the globe - hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and to help share the same with others.