Amaliah's mission is to support projects that create partnership, stability and prosperity with the Middle East.

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Current Projects
Buses Of Angels

Syrian children brought to Israel for treatment

With the ceasefire deal collapsing and the UN unable to bring peace to Syria, the Amaliah organization is doing all it can to assist Syrians in need. "Amaliah Buses Of Angels"  transport women and children from inside Syria to hospital clinics in Israel for medical treatment.

Medical Supplies

Reliable medical care is an essential part of a civil society. Medical care and facilities are in short supply in Syria and where it is practical casualties and those in need are treated at nearby Israeli hospitals. However, the Syrians need their own reliable and local system of care and if facilities like field hospitals and other medical care were available, they would provide much needed relief. 


Clean Drinking Water

Syrian children are at increased risk of disease because of the severe damage to water and sanitation systems caused by the conflict, a UNICEF assessment shows. As the crisis in Syria enters its fifth year, access to clean water, 

Care Packages

Families residing in the Safe Zone receive care packages from Amaliah that include baby formula, diapers, baby food, women's hygiene products and additional toiletries that are extremely expensive and hard to find in Syria.


Syria Safe Zone

There is an immediate need for a safe zone in Southern Syria, where civil society can be restored. This is possible because there is a UN presence and Israelis just across the border at the Golan Heights who are ready and willing to help. We will use humanitarian diplomacy with our contacts in the region and elsewhere to try to return at least this part of Syria to a more civilized existence.

Voice Of The Martyrs

Nine months of research reveals some of the human stories behind the more than 28,000 photos of deaths in government custody that were smuggled out of Syria and first came to public attention in January 2014.