100 Syrian Orphans To Israel

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Israel’s plans to bring 100 Syrian orphans

After the latest chemical attack in Syria killed almost 100 people, is the world FINALLY ready to intervene in the largest humanitarian crisis of our generation?

In late January, the news broke of Israel’s plans to bring 100 Syrian orphans into Israel to be adopted by Israeli families.

The nonprofit organization, Amaliah, now seeks to ensure the fulfillment of this program!

Why is Amaliah the right organization to take on this mission?

  • In 2016, Amaliah convinced the Israeli government to allow them to pilot the “Bus of Angels” program that brought women and children by bus from Syria to outpatient clinics in hospitals in the north of Israel. After its success, the Israeli army took on this mission that brought thousands of Syrians into Israel for lifesaving medical treatment.

  • A short movie about Amaliah’s “Bus of Angels” received over 7 million views and 80,000 shares worldwide. Media attention to this cause holds the key to its success.

  • Moti Kahana, Amaliah’s founder, grew up in the youth village and orphanage Ben Shemen. He especially identifies with the orphaned Syrian children, and will stop at nothing to bring them to Israel! Kahana has already appeared before the Knesset numerous times to promote the #Amaliah100 initiative.

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Please note we are putting together a list of Israelis willing to take in a Syrian child to demonstrate the widespread support for this initiative. Signing up in no way guarantees that a child will be placed with you. or that Israel will allow Syrian orphans to enter Israel!


Amaliah is now fundraising for #Amaliah100.  All proceeds will be used to lobby the Israeli government to follow through on this program, and to fund the logistics and arrival to Israel of 100 Syrian children, who have lost their entire families to the war in Syria.

If this program does not come to fruition,all donations will be allocated to our "Bus of Angels" program that will provide Syrians with medical treatment in Israel, Jordan or Turkey, as well as humanitarian operations such as the delivery of food and humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.